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Hair for Cancer Survivors:
hair4thecause.com provides hair & hair care products for the entire family! hair4hecause.com also provides hair, hair products to cancer survivors at a discounted price. A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes towards cancer research via the American Cancer Society.

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Part of the proceeds from each sale is allocated to the American Cancer Society to find a cure for Cancer.






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Safety Tips for Online Dating

Many say the world is ending in 2011. Is this true? Maybe, maybe not. One thing holds true, we must live each day as it is our last. Likewise, if you are online dating, you must meet each date" as if it is your last. What do I mean? Let's face it, the news is full of dating stories that sadly end up in ones brutal beating, rape, or demise. As a friend of 2 rape victims, they have not and may never fully recovered from this traumatic experience. Therefore, ensuring safety "before" the date is imperative.

How do we safeguard ourselves? We try our best to find out one's first and last name. Not what their friends call them, but the name that is on their social security card and or drivers license. Once we have that information we can go on the information superhighway and do a “google” Click Here!">search of their name. The search engine will identify any information about them. This is a great place to start but for further information, go to a registry website that will further assist us in checking out our prospective lover.

Next, tell others close to us this information "before" you go on the date. Tell those close to you the person's screen name, internet site you met them on, and the location/time you are meeting.

Also, meet "only" in a public place, and like Oprah says, “never follow them to a second location". This rule does apply on a first date, because you are still unfamiliar with the person's intentions at this point. Drive your own car to be able to leave if needed. Driving your car also helps so there is an identifying tracking device so to speak, if needed. Once you meet your date, try to text their license plate to a friend (even if you are not driving in their car). License plates will certainly lead to the car registrant’s true identity if needed. Don't drink too much on a first date and never leave your drink idle. Make sure you see what is going into your drink every step of the way if your date picks it up at the bar.

Other ways to ensure safety is to check with your local authorities about this issue and surf the net below for more information. Common sense is the rule of thumb when online dating. So use it, your life depends on it!

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Men: Their Laws of Attraction

Men nowadays have so many organized ways to learn how to attract women. There are websites, tutorials, lectures, and much more. Why not find out what they are learning, and beat them to their own game!

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Earn Extra Money

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certainly will help with the Holidays approaching. Some get money instantly ads are so dumb and ineffective. However, some are 100% the real deal as long as you stay consistent and don't give up. Here is an option I highly recommend!!!

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Secret Pal my A$!

Why have a Secret Pal?
So you may be wondering, “Why have a secret pal in the first place?” Good question! The reason you may seek a secret pal is because there is a void or need in your life for a friend. Good enough reason? Maybe; if you are seeking a man for a secret pal, keep reading, if not, keep reading.

Men are from Mars
We have all heard of the book “Men are from mars woman are from Venus” right? Psychologists, theorists, scholars, feminists, religious circles, your friends, and men themselves have all attempted to categorize the types of men that exist. Are they all right? Maybe; the most important thing to remember is that men and women are very different indeed and because of this, conflict will always arise. My stance is that women are the superior beings. This is not a secret at all ladies. I whole heartedly believe that men are just not that bright! Is that a harsh statement? Not really.

Men give loyalty a great boy scout try, but many become distracted and fail at commitment time and time again. Women on the other hand stays focused more or less, and when they do fail, are cunning and sneaky so that their tracks are covered and they move on quickly not usually looking back. Woman have the ability to maturely “pull their panties up”, and briskly “keep it moving” Does this make women “better” then men? Not really, but it does prove them to be smarter. Men get confused and stumped leaving sloppy trails of their affair(s) while continuously looking back or eventually leaving their spouse for someone they feel is “better” in one way or another. This often backfires by way of carma – stupid!

The love of your Life
Are you waiting to meet the love of your life? Do you believe in the Cinderella story? Have you tried online dating? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, there is good news and bad news for you. If you have already found the love of your life, good for you, if not, I’m not surprised. Okay, finding the love of your life is not a dream you should wait on for the rest of your life. If you wait for the perfect man with a silly little checklist, you will be a life-long lonely person for sure! The secret to getting the love of your life is to change the way you think about “love” . There are laws in getting what you need in life. Before you frustrate yourself, try researching the right kind of information to find your life partner.

What is Love?
Love can be defined in many ways. Love is patient, kind, not easily angered, does not rejoice in good, etc.. Feel free to use the google search bar below to find resources to the definition of love. Love is not an overwhelming “feeling” that comes over you. Love is a choice. You choose to love someone. Or, you choose not to love them. All you’re waiting for the perfect man jazz is a bunch of crap! Bad news, he does not exist! You will have to pick someone closest to your checklist and move on with your life. If you feel you will find someone better “after” you choose a mate, why haven’t you met them already? People are imperfect, and so are you. If you want love, you need to simply make a choice to love someone who is decent, and most likely to love you unconditionally, share your same religious beliefs, and treat you with the utmost respect! A partner who has money also helps you if you are not financially secure.

In conclusion, don’t waste your time with online dating, or any dating for that matter if you are looking for “prince charming”. It is my hope for you that maturity will assist you in the realization that men and women are different, and that since women are the superior beings anyway, you may have to just pick a guy. There are women who so “seem” like they found the perfect guy and we are jealous or deny other men to find a guy just like who we think is “Mr. Perfect” However, a perfect man is like nice window dressings. On the outside the window curtains are embezzled with the richest clothe and diamonds, but behind them is a dirty house in theory of course. So never envy or covet anything that you feel is “perfect. So you see, you may be wasting your time with a secret pal unless you change your thinking about love first. Open your mind and create your happy future by understanding the laws of attraction. Once you change your thinking, you will be ready to diminish childlike fantasies and unrealistic expectations and should be on the right track to positive decision making in order to secure a meaningful long-lasting relationship.

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Laws of Attraction

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White House: Wow, state dinner crashers met Obama